Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Storefront Mini Album

Hi everyone. Today, I am sharing some photos of my new storefront mini album. To create this album, I used the My Mind's Eye Lost & Found 2 Sunshine paper, two of my custom dies and beautiful flowers from I Am Roses.

I was really excited to try out some IAR flowers in this mini that are new to me, including the new short flower spray, which really makes the bistro layout above pop. I also tried out the puffy daisies -- super fun. I gave them a polka dot twist on what I call the polka dot page of my mini. And the CARNATIONS!!! OMG, love those!!!!

It was a challenge working with the colors in this paper collection —definitely outside my comfort zone of pale pink, aqua, creams, browns and blacks. LOL. But it was a fun challenge, and I love how this mini turned out.

Here are photos of the cover and other inside pages plus links to all the flowers and leaves I used in the mini.


GB4 — Big Gardenias
Colors Used: Ivory, Black and Yellow

G3 — Small Gardenia Ivory

SP1 – 151 White Short Paper Flowers Spray

S3 – 320 Mixed Classic Color Cherry Blossoms

T30 – 147 24 Ivory Semi Open Rose Buds

R 21-410 Mixed Classic Color Roses

R8-15 White Paper Roses

R8-607 Paper Roses Mixed Blue

ZGP3 – 1 White Gardenia Curly Petals 2”

GP2-1 Small White Gardenia Curly Petals

PS – 15 Big White Puffy Daisies

ZJC1 – 153 Small Ivory Crochet Flowers

R 2 Mini Paper Roses
Colors Used: White, Mixed Blue and Natural

CA1 – 147 Soft Yellow Carnation

S10 – 15 Small White Flowers (Sold out)


ZQL 01- 508 Tiny Green Leaves

L 4 – 2 Small Green Daisy Leaves

K1-275 Black Small Skeleton Leaves


Arlene said...

GORGEOUS Amy! Love it. ❤

Joy said...

Well this is just beyond words...GORGEOUS!! I am in awe of your work Amy..hugs!

Vicky Alberto said...

wow, amazing!