Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm so crafty

Sharing a little crafty humor. Some jokes I wrote.

  • I’m so crafty, I put diamond dust in my coffee.
  • I’m so crafty, I embellish my pets.
  • I’m so crafty, I count dressforms to go to sleep.
  • I’m so crafty, I repair everything with hot glue.
  • I’m so crafty, my post it notes have bling.
  • I’m so crafty, I have Joanns on speed dial.
  • I’m so crafty, I have to break down at least 10 delivery boxes per week for recycling.
  • I'm so crafty my license plate says Sizzix.
  • I'm so crafty, I carry Mike's coupons instead of cash.
  • I'm so crafty, I have my paycheck direct deposited to iamroses.
  • I'm so crafry, I have my husband's paycheck direct deposited to two peas.

1 comment:

Xonetra said...

these were tooooo cute ! i love the one about hot glue and the I am your blog BTW !