Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak peak of a cigar box that I'm working on for a swap hosted by Jade at JadedStudio's Super Secret Squirrel Sisterhood Society. The theme for the swap is 1920s fashion and the theme for my box is Little Black Dress. CoCo Chanel popularized the LBD in the 1920s. 


Eve said...

I cant even think how amazing this is going to look, cant wait to see the final box.

moejoetreasures said...

Maybe this time.... I'm your little SS ! I WISH !
You and I both LOVE CoCo !
I hope you don't think I took your Idea....
Of course, yours is so beautiful... no contest! I just HOPE my SS likes it, even a tiny bit!
As ever, Moe

MyTeddyboo said...

Thank you Moe! I have a confession. I know nothing about fashion let alone 1920s fashion. I decided to create something inspired by CoCo's work because I thought the other artists in our group would do the same. I felt I couldn't go wrong with that choice ;) Cannot wait to see what you do. You haven't posted yet right? Don't want to miss it!